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Radicchio & Endive Salad with Persimmons, Pomegranate Seeds & Goat Cheese

This is the time of year to go all out with bitter greens! The variety of bitter greens available right… Continue reading »

‘Pomegranate & Chicken Stew’

This Persian-inspired stew was simply marvelous!  A quick saute of shallots, garlic and carrots in a pat of butter, followed… Continue reading »

Pomegranate-Glazed Turkey

Pomegranate molasses is something I highly recommend keeping in your pantry.  A thick, syrupy reduction of sweet yet tart pomegranate… Continue reading »

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate Vinaigrette & Pistachios

Craving the tart, sweet ‘pop’ of pomegranate seeds, I decided to pair them with quartered, sautéed Brussels sprouts, salty roasted… Continue reading »

‘Watercress Salad with Persimmons & Hazelnuts’

I truly can’t think of a more delicious Fall salad.  It highlights in particular one of my favorite fruits of the… Continue reading »

Tuscan Kale Salad with Acorn Squash, Pomegranate Seeds & Pecorino

I know what you’re thinking. Again with the Tuscan kale…but I just can’t help myself, I adore this variety of… Continue reading »

‘Lime & Pomegranate Chicken Breasts’

With a brand new bottle of both pomegranate molasses and ground coriander, I began to crave a Persian-flavored dish.  I… Continue reading »

‘Pomegranate Cake’

Sometimes you can just tell that a recipe is going to be extraordinary just by reading its ingredients list– especially… Continue reading »

‘Roasted Pork Loin Filet with Oregano & Pomegranate Molasses’

I adore the magazine Acadiana Profile each month for its all-things-south-Louisiana content.  From personal profiles, articles, recipes and its last… Continue reading »

‘Baked Minty Rice with Feta & Pomegranate Relish’

This is no ordinary rice dish!  This superb side dish is healthy and filled with bright flavors–fluffy rice is topped… Continue reading »