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Creole Pecan Pie

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I like to make a special-something-sweet each year on Valentine’s Day. This year I settled on a… Continue reading »

‘Bourbon-Glazed Pound Cake’

A traditional pound cake was named just that because it typically contained a pound of flour, eggs, butter and sugar…. Continue reading »

‘Bourbon Pecan Pie’

You can’t go wrong serving a pecan pie for dessert. Everyone loves the pairing of the crunchy, buttery pecans and… Continue reading »

Cherries Jubilee

Even before you take the first bite of this simple yet decadent dessert, the name alone lets you know it’s… Continue reading »

‘Bourbon-Peach Cobbler’

My adoration for a homemade peach cobbler goes back to my Grandmother Muriel’s delectable version.  When visiting my grandparents in… Continue reading »

‘Seared Duck with Pear-Bourbon Relish’

 Cooking duck breasts at home is easier than you think.  The technique is simple: place the duck breasts skin-side down in… Continue reading »

The Oldest Known American Cocktail

  America’s first cocktail is also one of the world’s best.   Chilled rye whiskey slightly sweetened and flavored with a hint… Continue reading »

My Old Kentucky Home

I can’t think of a more fitting way to end a wonderful weekend in the state of Kentucky filled with… Continue reading »

Mascarpone Bread Pudding with Walnuts and Bourbon-Plumped Raisins

Mmmm…bread pudding.  Growing up in Louisiana, creamy bread pudding served with a decadent hard sauce appeared at many special occasions—many… Continue reading »

Homemade Vanilla Extract

The Holidays officially kick off with Thanksgiving (the crème de la crème of Holidays in my opinion), in T minus… Continue reading »