Personal Chef Services

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Scope of Services

As your personal chef, I will:

  • Customize menus specifically for you and your family
  • Do your grocery shopping
  • Cook delicious, healthy meals in your kitchen
  • Conveniently package all of your meals
  • Labels dishes for easy reheating*
  • Leave your kitchen sparkling clean

(*I am a fresh service business meaning that I do not regularly freeze any food items for you to defrost and reheat.  I myself eat this way in my home and this is how I am accustomed to cooking for clients as well.  In addition, the reheating instructions I will leave for you rely solely on the stove top and oven.  I do not use a microwave in my cooking practices and therefore, recommend that you reheat the prepared dishes in a conventional oven instead of a microwave. )

Calculating Finances


Pricing Structure: Fee for Professional Service Plus Cost of Food

 The pricing structure for my professional services includes a set fee for my services to which the cost of food is added.  My service fee includes compensation for my time menu planning, account servicing,  grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, as well as my business and administrative costs which include cooking equipment, gas/travel expenses , office supplies, membership dues, insurance premiums, and various business and professional licenses.   Please note that extra fees may apply for special diet menu planning & long distance driving.

The cost of food, the second part of my pricing structure, includes any groceries, beverages, and/or disposable cookware that I purchase for my clients before our scheduled cook date.  This amount will vary for each cook date depending on what menus we agree upon; the original receipts for these purchases are saved for the client’s personal records.  Once I complete the grocery shopping for your cook date / private dinner party, an invoice will be prepared for this grocery reimbursement amount.

Both the professional fee and cost of food reimbursement are due before the start of our scheduled cook date.

Pricing Options for Professional Personal Chef Services

My Professional Personal Chef Services are designed around your unique tastes and needs–we will work together to create menus that are exactly what you, your Family members, and/or your dinner guests are looking for.   Depending on you and your family’s personal needs and the event at hand, we can adjust the portions, serving sizes,  number of meals, and number of side dishes / desserts . 

Some clients schedule my service every week, while others might find that once or twice a month is sufficient for their needs–others hire me to customize a dinner party or event for special occasions.  Because each client relationship is so unique,  please contact me directly for more information on pricing my services for your specific situation.  After all, my  goal as a personal chef is to design my services and prices around what is most beneficial for you and your Family.

*For more information, please contact me directly:, or (404) 790-5077

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