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‘Crispy Pork & Bok Choy Larb’

This modern version of a traditional Thai larb is utterly fantastic!  Cooked, ground pork is flavored with a mixture of lime… Continue reading »

Carrot Ribbon Salad with Feta, Dill & Pine Nuts

Carrots are a veggie that I try to eat each and every day. Obviously known for their health benefits, carrots… Continue reading »

‘Linguine with Carrot-Turkey Ragu’

I adore carrots any way you can serve them. Raw, roasted, blanched, glazed, braised, sautéed, pureed…you get the idea. But… Continue reading »

‘Warm Spinach Salad with Soy Vinaigrette’

This wonderfully colorful and flavorful salad is a perfect pairing for your next stir-fry.  Lovely green spinach leaves are tossed… Continue reading »

‘Pistachio Pesto Pasta Primavera’

The word Primavera means Spring in the Italian language. So when you see that word in a recipe title, expect for… Continue reading »

Roasted Carrot & Leek Soup with Carrot Ribbons & Sliced Almonds

 The smell of this lovely carrot soup cooking is intoxicating.  Between the leeks cooking in butter and the carrots roasting… Continue reading »