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Veal Chops with Wild Mushrooms & Herbs

When I see veal chops at our local market, it’s a done deal.  Similar in appearance to a thick-cut, bone-in… Continue reading »

‘Sauté de Veau Marengo’

This Sauté de Veau Marengo is a classic Provencal veal stew with tomatoes and mushrooms.  What makes this stew Provencal in… Continue reading »


Simple in its ingredients and preparation, yet anything-but-simple in its taste, Saltimbocca is as classic as Italian dishes get.  Simply… Continue reading »

‘Braised Veal with Bacon-Parmesan Crumbs’

I can never pass up buying gorgeous osso buco when I see them.  The cross-cut veal shanks have a marrow bone… Continue reading »

Spring Veal Stew

The first three vegetables that come to my mind when I hear the mention of Spring are sweet green peas,… Continue reading »

Veal Marsala with Mushrooms & Kale

My favorite way to cook and serve veal cutlets is with a savory Marsala-mushroom sauce.  Marsala wine is a fortified… Continue reading »

‘Veal Chops with Spinach & Pecorino Romano’

Excited to come across thick veal chops in the market the other day, I immediately began searching through  my favorite… Continue reading »

Tender Veal Meatballs with Fresh Rosemary

Ground veal by nature is a tender and very flavorful meat.  I love using it either on its own for… Continue reading »

Provençal Veal Roast with Mushrooms, Marsala & Sage

This is a perfect Sunday dinner idea.  A slow-braised veal roast flavored with the unique tastes of southern France—I incorporated… Continue reading »

Saltimbocca alla Romana

The word saltimbocca in Italian translates into ‘jump into your mouth’…the name given to this classic Italian dish most likely because… Continue reading »