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‘Chicken with Tarragon & Vermouth’

Fresh tarragon is not only a lovely flavor pairing for seafood, but also chicken. With its natural anise-flavor, a little… Continue reading »

‘Wild Rice with Duck Confit, Cherries & Dill’

This recipe came from a wine advertisement in one of the many magazines I subscribe to–which magazine, I can’t recall,… Continue reading »

90 Plus Cellars

Highly rated wine sold at a fraction of its original cost?  If you are a wine lover like I am,… Continue reading »

A Toast to Lambrusco!

Slightly sparkling, slightly red, slightly sweet…an over the top treat for your taste buds!  I first heard about Lambrusco in… Continue reading »

The New Beaujolais Has Arrived!

Or in French, ‘Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!‘  Every year on the third Thursday of November, wine lovers around the… Continue reading »

Calling All Wine Lovers!

From the glorious world of food, to another glorious world…that of wine.  More specifically, let’s take a trip to Germany… Continue reading »