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‘Crispy Pork & Bok Choy Larb’

This modern version of a traditional Thai larb is utterly fantastic!  Cooked, ground pork is flavored with a mixture of lime… Continue reading »

‘Crispy Salmon with Farro & Pecan Gremolata’

This pan-seared salmon recipe is simply amazing! Served crispy skin side-up, the falky salmon fillets are served on a bed… Continue reading »

Sea Bass with Asparagus Hash & Horseradish Sauce

When you see the word hash in a recipe, you know there are yummy cubes of crispy potatoes involved.  In… Continue reading »

‘Seared Salmon Noodles with Scallions’

I adore the quick-and-easy dinner ideas featured monthly in Real Simple magazine. They are just that: really simple to make,… Continue reading »

‘Chard-Stuffed Pork Chops with Green Beans’

Yet another fabulous and simple recipe from Real Simple magazine!  If you don’t subscribe, I highly recommend that you do,… Continue reading »

‘Slow-Cooker Asian Short Rib Stew’

This hearty slow-cooker recipe is perfect year round when you are craving a hearty Asian-inspired dish.  It combines boneless short… Continue reading »

‘Penne with Red Sauce, Radicchio, & Walnuts’

I was innately drawn to this simple pasta recipe because it contains a few of my favorite ingredients.  The first,… Continue reading »

‘Caramelized Brussels Sprouts & Kale with Crispy Capers’

I love crispy capers as a garnish, whether on a vegetable side dish like this one, or even on a… Continue reading »

‘Pork & Rice Meatball Soup’

 I adore the amazing collection of recipes in Real Simple magazine each month.  They are just that: real simple, but… Continue reading »

‘Cocoa and Coffee Palmiers’

 Palmiers are a classic French cookie made from flaky puff pastry dough and sugar.  Rolled up and cut to slices… Continue reading »