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‘Persian-Style Carrots & Black-Eyed Peas’

This fragrant Persian-inspired side dish was… simply put, decadent.  A hearty mixture of tender black-eyed peas, carrots, herbs, onions, garlic… Continue reading »

‘Persian Sweet Rice’

This may just look like ordinary  yellow rice, but don’t be fooled by its simple façade!  This rice is actually… Continue reading »

‘Lime & Pomegranate Chicken Breasts’

With a brand new bottle of both pomegranate molasses and ground coriander, I began to crave a Persian-flavored dish.  I… Continue reading »

‘Persian-Style Carrots & Black-Eyed Peas’

 When I think of Persian cuisine, I think of warm spices and an incredible mix of flavors.  This Persian-style side… Continue reading »