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Creamy White Beans with Pesto & Coppa Ham

I like keeping a variety of dried beans in my pantry.  A healthy add-in for soups, pasta dishes, and even… Continue reading »

Wasabi Pea Soup

I always keep a bag of frozen green peas in the freezer.  Great to toss into a quick pasta, saute… Continue reading »

Creamy Tomato Soup with Fresh Rosemary

I know exactly what you are thinking. This looks like just another bowl of tomato soup, right?  Well, yes…but it’s so… Continue reading »

‘Spicy Sausage & Artichoke Linguine’

This is one of those recipes whose photo doesn’t truly do it justice!  Such a flavorful and tasty springtime dish made… Continue reading »

Roast Carrot-Ginger Soup with Mascarpone & Sunflower Seeds

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a simple bag of carrots.  With those lovely orange gems on hand, along… Continue reading »

‘Almond Pancakes’

One of my husband’s favorite flavor profiles is anything almond.  Everything from French pastries to a handful of smoked almonds as a… Continue reading »

Creamy Mascarpone & Roast Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I adore these flavorful mashed potatoes.  What makes them unique? The cooked starchy potatoes are pureed along with whole, roasted… Continue reading »

Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Herbed Mascarpone

There are a number of elements to this dish that make it one of the moistest, most flavorful chicken dishes… Continue reading »

Creamy Fire-Roasted Tomato Soup

I know this sounds like a summertime soup recipe, but sometimes I just crave a warm bowl of tomato soup–no… Continue reading »

‘Lemony-Layered Cheesecake’

 This is no ordinary cheesecake.  It is 1) easier to make than a normal cheesecake 2) has far fewer ingredients… Continue reading »