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Potato, Radish & Green Bean Salad with Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette

Think of this as a modern (and much healthier!) take on a traditional potato salad. No mayo in sight, just… Continue reading »

‘Tortellini, Chicken & Arugula Salad’

This is one of those radically simply recipes that after one bite makes you think: ‘Why didn’t I think of… Continue reading »

Watercress & Fennel Salad with Dried Cherries, Pecans and Feta Cheese

Did you know that watercress, a cousin of beloved kale, is considered to be one of 41 ‘powerhouse fruits and… Continue reading »

‘Green Salad with Za’atar & Lemon Vinaigrette’

One of the most creative, visually stunning, and exciting cookbooks I have purchased recently is Julia Sherman’s Salad for President: A… Continue reading »

Swiss Chard Salad with Grapes, Feta & Sunflower Seeds

Serving your favorite greens raw in a salad is the best way to keep all of their nutrition in tact… Continue reading »

Fennel, Orange & Watercress Salad with Pistachio Vinaigrette

For this light summer salad I started with the classic combination of raw fennel and sweet navel oranges.  From there I added in watercress… Continue reading »

Peppery Watercress with Persimmons, Pistachios & Lemon Vinaigrette

Grab a bag of watercress the next time you see these tender greens in the store.  Peppery in flavor like… Continue reading »

Potato Salad with Feta, Leeks, Hard-Boiled Egg & Tarragon

In every issue of Food & Wine magazine, they feature a special Salad of the Month.  For the month of… Continue reading »

Raw Kale & Apple Salad with Gorgonzola

 Throughout the past couple of years, kale has been presented to us a variety of different forms:  braised, sautéed, roasted and… Continue reading »

Chickpea-Apricot Salad with Arugula & Mint

 This Moroccan-inspired salad if full of fresh flavors and healthy ingredients.  Tender chickpeas tossed together with peppery arugula, thinly sliced… Continue reading »