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Balsamic-Roasted Broccolini with Coppa Ham

My favorite way to serve broccolini spears is roasted.  The stems stay crunchy, but the hot oven crisps up the… Continue reading »

Prosciutto & Egg Crêpes

Earlier in the week when I made the baked Italian Crêpe Cannelloni recipe from Fine Cooking magazine, I saved the extra crêpes… Continue reading »

Capicola-Wrapped Cod with Sage & Parsley Pesto

Two great ways to add extra flavor to a mild piece of white fish like cod, are to 1) wrap… Continue reading »

Belgian Endive with Ham & Gruyere

I based this delectable side dish on a classic French combination of flavors.  Tender Belgian endives baked with slices of… Continue reading »

Jambalaya with Shrimp, Sausage and Ham

I found some lovely wild pink shrimp from Florida at the market the other day and the first thing that… Continue reading »

‘Creole White Beans with Shrimp’

Everyone loves a nice Creole dish like this one from famed Louisiana Chef John Folse.  A mixture of sweet peppers,… Continue reading »

Ham & Salted Butter Whole Wheat Crepes

Crepes are a treat no matter what the filling.  Thin, eggy delights filled with something sweet like homemade jam or… Continue reading »

French Ham, Brie & Apple Sandwiches

 Served as a unique dinnertime treat with a warm bowl of soup, or as a hearty lunch, one thing’s for… Continue reading »

Classic Seafood Gumbo

It all starts with a roux.  (And a hankering for a soul-warming bowl of Classic Seafood Gumbo and a wedge or… Continue reading »

‘Squash & Bean Minestrone’

 Traditional minestrone soup is a rustic and hearty Italian soup filled with fresh vegetables of the season, beans, and pasta…. Continue reading »