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Collard Greens Agrodolce

When you see the phrase agrodolce in a recipe, it refers to the Italian words ‘agro’ for sour, and ‘dolce’ for… Continue reading »

‘Collard Green Creole Dirty Rice’

If, like me, you like to serve Dirty Rice with your New Year’s Day dinner, this is most definitely the… Continue reading »

Whole Roasted Carrots with Crumbled Feta & Pecans

Searching for a dramatic presentation for everyday carrots? Try roasting and serving whole carrots as a unique side dish idea. … Continue reading »

‘Pan-Roasted Chicken with Za’atar, Potatoes & Greens’

In one of the most recent issues of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, this tasty recipe was featured.  A one- pan… Continue reading »

Brown & Wild Rice Pilaf with Dandelion Greens & Balsamic Mushrooms

Dandelion greens are a popular bitter green in Italian cooking that resemble a small bunch of Swiss chard or beet… Continue reading »

‘Crispy Balsamic Chicken’

Underneath a light salad of fresh greens, basil, and roasted carrots are crispy baked chicken cutlets coated in Dijon mustard… Continue reading »

Swiss Chard & White Bean Sauté with Pesto

The other day when I made the Pasta Primavera with Pistachio Pesto, I ended up with extra pesto sauce (which… Continue reading »

Braised Turnip Greens with Pepper-Roasted Turnips

A fabulous way to serve either radishes, beets or turnips is with a quick saute of their own green tops…. Continue reading »

‘Swiss Chard with Pears, Raisins & Candied Garlic’

If I had to choose a green that I loved the most, I might waver towards Swiss chard.  Tender leafy… Continue reading »

Braised Swiss Chard with Turmeric & Chickpeas

Adding ground turmeric into a pan of braised greens not only adds a lovely deep yellow hue to the dish,… Continue reading »