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Chocolate Chip Affogato

This classic Italian dessert is one of my favorites.  So simple and easy to put together, yet always a big… Continue reading »

‘Viennese Iced Coffee’

 A lightly sweetened iced coffee is a treat that I crave on those scorching summer afternoons.  This version, based on… Continue reading »

Cafe Freddo

The first time I had a café freddo, or ‘cold coffee’ as it is translated in Italian, was in the… Continue reading »

Classic Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one of the most beloved Italian desserts requested all around the world. What’s not to like?  Layers of Kahlua-flavored… Continue reading »


Affogato, a classic Italian dessert whose name comes from the Italian word for ‘drowned’, is the perfect taste combination of hot and… Continue reading »