‘Baked Salmon & Creamy Orzo’

Recipe Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Another term for the creamy orzo featured in this recipe is orzotto.  Basically orzo pasta cooked with the risotto cooking method; instead of simply boiling the rice-shaped pasta until al dente, this recipe uses the natural starches in pasta to make a creamy sauce.  The orzo is first sauteed in a mixture of cooked bacon, celery and onions until lightly toasted and coated in the bacon grease; then it is covered with stock and cooked over low heat (stirring often) until the sauce is creamy and the pasta cooked ‘to the tooth.’  The flavorful bacony-orzotto alone is very tasty, but we’re not done yet! You top the pan of orzo with salmon fillets that have been flavored with ground coriander. The fish and orzo finish cooking in a hot oven, and it is all served with torn, bitter radicchio leaves for a bit of crunch and color.

(To view this recipe, click on the following link: https://www.marthastewart.com/1524536/baked-salmon-and-creamy-orzo)

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